In December, ACCLAIMED PRODUCTION designed and implemented the transformation of the Queens Hall in Cuckfield for a wedding reception. The quaint Sussex village hall was transformed for the evening reception into a magical, elegant, inviting room by utilising lighting and set elements.

As guests entered the bar area for pre-reception drinks, the walls were subtly uplit in purple giving enough ambient light in order for the ceiling lights to be turned off to help develop the atmosphere.


As the doors to the main hall were opened, guests were greeted not only by the bridal party, but also by a transformed room bathed in lavender tones to complement the couple's theme colour with each of the table centres highlighted giving enough light for people to see by. A soft dappled effect covered the room, adding texture to the space.


A fine theatrical haze was subtly added to the air to allow the tight beams of table centre light and the textured light to be seen cutting through the air giving a real wow-factor feel to the room.

The cascading pea-light backdrop provided a focus-pulling centre-piece and backdrop to the top table. Once the speeches had happened, the backdrop was removed to reveal the pre-set band ready to entertain the guests.

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